The CBT will usually be carried out by psychology graduates who are in their final year of training as a CBT Therapist at BCTC. Therapists who will see non-fee paying clients are therefore in their 5th year.

Trainees will be empathic, skilled and have unlimited therapy sessions in which to see clients.

Clients should be:

  • Aged 18-65
  • Unwaged or on minimum wage
  • Have difficulties which began no more than three years ago
  • Motivated to try to work with the Therapist to recover

What Trainees can work with:

  • Recent depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Shyness and lack of confidence
  • Recent traumas (those in the past three years) such as rape, assault, phobias and grief

What Trainees CANNOT yet work with:

  • Eating disorders
  • Difficulties stemming back to childhood
  • Suicidal risk
  • Sexual abuse

As a charity without any funders, BCTC may ask those who benefit to undertake some voluntary work e.g. helping with admin etc. when CBT has been completed.

If you are eligible for no-fee CBT, please contact us.