These are under-researched and treated, yet we have found over the years that they can result in distress as great as panic and mood as low as severe depression. So great is  the distress that several of our past clients considered suicide.

Sexual difficulties can take many forms. In order to address the underlying causes of any sexual difficulties, we use an individualised case formulation to pinpoint where they began and guide therapy. We also use standard CBT techniques such as restructuring thoughts/images and working with any behaviours that have become unhelpful or distressing to you.

This is all done without any degree of judgement – we appreciate that sexual problems can be difficult to talk about and explore, and we will endeavour to support you in an open and empathic environment.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) lists the following as paraphilias (sexual disorders) when they cause significant distress or impairment to our lives, or are enacted against people without their consent:

  • Voyeurism – sexual gratification from covert observation of others who are unaware.
  • Exhibitionism – sexual gratification from exposing one’s private parts, usually genitalia, to a non-consenting other.
  • Frotteurism – sexual gratification from rubbing one’s genitalia against a non-consenting other.
  • Sexual Masochism – sexual arousal from being bound, beaten, or otherwise suffering pain and/or humiliation at the hands of another.
  • Sexual Sadism – sexual arousal at causing pain or humiliation to another.
  • Paedophilia – a primary or secondary sexual preference for children.
  • Fetishism – recurrent sexual arousal from non-human objects e.g., shoes.
  • Transvestism – the act of cross-dressing which results in feelings of sexual arousal and, at times, relaxation. However, this can also cause distress and confusion in us.

We understand that sexual preferences and orientations are broad, and personal to each of us. We therefore work empathically with any sexual difficulties to help you to reduce distress.