At BCTC, we appreciate those who volunteer their time to help others. We are offering one scholarship for our Certificate Course for an applicant who comes from a disadvantaged background with long-term unemployment, who has also volunteered their time to help others, who would otherwise be unable to attend a professional training program.


We greatly admire voluntary workers and therefore wish to offer a £1500 scholarship to one volunteer, who works with a registered charity or community organisation helping others, to begin to train professionally on our Certificate in CBT.

The Certificate is an introductory 12 week course which attracts entrants who wish to train professionally one day. It also attracts those who have no formal qualifications who wish to learn about CBT as well as use the skills learnt to enhance their supportive work done in the local community.

Trainees will meet with other friendly and helpful peers and training staff who also strongly believe in the value of self-help, empathy and voluntary work.

Applicants are asked only to:

  • One off payment of examination fees of £350 – may be paid in instalments
  • Attendance at three information evenings per year
  • Help the Centre with some PR
  • Interview fee of £50

In case of severe hardship, the examination fee can be reduced to £50, and the interview fee waived.

If you would like to apply please complete and email the following one page application. (We regret that as we are a small organisation we can only accept this application).

The next course begins in September 2021.

Closing date for September 2021 Certificate applications: CLOSED.

Download a Scholarship Application Form for the Certificate Course

Scholarship Testimonials


‘I have volunteered for 30 years. In the last 15 years I have been the leader of a Parent/Toddler group, facilitating various family events and parent courses in the community and the church. I love being with people and have supported them by listening and ‘talking’.

Recently I had the privilege of completing the CBT Certificate Training. I gained a scholarship to be able to do this and am so grateful to the Centre for giving community volunteers this opportunity.

All the trainers created a warm, friendly, totally supportive environment which made us all feel equally valued and gave me, in particular, the confidence to complete the course.The course has transformed the way I think; I’m more aware of why people say the things they say and why they behave the way they do and I’m more patient and understanding.This has impacted me personally, and my relationships with the people I meet in my role as a family support worker.’

‘If I am to be honest in my opinion this CBT Course gave more than I was expecting. The teachers delivered the content in a sensitive and professional manner. The lessons were unique and I learnt new skills and developed new ones as well, which I am now using in my work place.

Honestly  what I liked the most was that everyone could participate without feeling under pressure to participate in group discussion. Listening was encouraged.

BCTC  Thank you so much.’