PG Dip Trainee Feedback

Claire Dallas

I believe everything that has been covered has been relevant to CBT and applicable. There has been a balance of teaching styles, and to see the theory broken up into small group tasks helps to harness the learning.

Claire Dallas - Newtownabbey BSc (First Class Honours) Community Youth Work - MSc Counselling and Therapeutic Communication - PG/Dip in Counselling and Therapeutic Communication (Pass with Dist)
Lynda Malcomson

Teaching content is well structured and focused. I feel I have developed and will continue to develop further. I am more organised and structured in what I need to do for the best interest of any future clients, and more reflective and self aware.

Lynda Malcomson - Dromore BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies - Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health)
Christy Donaldson

This course has been extremely rewarding. It has given me great skills as a CBT therapist, but has also given me the chance to learn a lot about myself, and meet really amazing people.

Christy Donaldson - Belfast BSc (2:1) Psychology
Rebecca Davis

My time at BCTC has developed my therapeutic skills and continues to challenge and stimulate me, both professionally and personally. All trainers are experienced therapists who are passionate about helping others and it is this passion which helps students stretch to their potential.

Rebecca Davis - Belfast MSSc in Criminology - LLB (2:1) Common and Civil Law with French - Practitioner Dip in Executive Coaching
Natalie Hefferon

The quality and teaching has been excellent and I believe it has been very relevant. I feel that it’s helped me in myself and with my children. I have changed as a person and am much calmer in myself. I am able to work better with clients and feel more confident that I know what I’m doing with them.

Natalie Hefferon - Co. Dublin BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies - Diploma in Psychology - Professional Cert in CBT

The feedback during supervision each week is such a learning experience.

Sukanya Mani - Madras India M.A. Philosophy - BSc Psychology - BSc Botany, Zoology and Chemistry

Certificate Trainee Feedback

Patricia Gallagher

This course has provided an excellent foundation in CBT. I found the information on restructuring Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs) particularly useful, both personally and in my work as a teacher.

Patricia Gallagher - Newcastle
Declan Hughes

The standard of training is very high and could not be faulted. The teaching is well structured with no student left out in the workshops.

Declan Hughes - Co. Westmeath

I have immensely enjoyed the certificate from start to finish. The content is interesting and engaging and the teaching standards are very high. Two things that have been extremely beneficial for me has been the practical skills exercises and recapping our learning points. This has really helped to solidify my learning. Everything on this course has been tried and tested and works very well. I would be absolutely delighted if the PDip went ahead next year as I would jump at the opportunity to fully train with Belfast Cognitive Therapy Centre.

Edna - Londonderry Certificate Student 2020

I am enjoying the certificate course, the teachers are enthusiastic and very engaging. The information provided is interesting and very practically helpful. Active participation from the students is encouraged which helps the information to stick. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be able to understand and help others with issues such as panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias and depression.

Kieran Hunter - Belfast Certificate Student 2020

The certificate course has enlightened me to the benefits of CBT for certain types of disorders.  This type of counselling offers practical support to help people face and overcome their fears.  The tutors are very experienced and combine the theory with practical examples to help reinforce the learning.

Catherine McBride - Limavady Certificate Student 2020

The certificate course promises and does indeed deliver, a fascinating journey into CBT. The educators are passionate, engaging and most importantly, conversational in nature which culminates into a perfect educational experience. If you have an interest in CBT in any capacity and wish to ‘dip your toes in the water’ so to speak, then you have come to the right arena in which to do so.  I cannot commend the staff and the programme highly enough.

Ronan Hegarty - Lisburn Certificate Student 2020